Restoring an antique fan typically takes the help of a community of passionate and kind individuals. Below you will find a series of links to various websites for fan restoration, supplies, and information. 

Snake Head Vintage is the place to go to get the highest end cable and plugs for your antique fan restorations. He also carries a variety of other parts. Highly recommended as the BEST source for these parts. 

This is the number one destination for anyone interested in this hobby. All of the restorers and bloggers at White Glove Fans are members of the AFCA and regularly attend regional and national meetings. You cannot get better than this website for information and friendly discussion.  

Steve Stephens Blog: Early Electric Fans

Steve Stephens is a well known resident expert in the fan world. His blog website has a ton of information for new hobbyists researching their favorite fans. 


Hudson Custom Machining

Darryl Hudson is an excellent machinist and tool maker. You will find all of the hard-to-find parts that you need for your fan restoration here.